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Oliver Ltd Company is situated in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk.


The company was founded in 1993 and has been successfully operating for more than 26 years. Over these years we always follow our principles, relying on a team of professionals (over 400 people) and having our own strong manufacturing base (more than 10,000 sqft), and representative offices in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.



Oliver Company has its own production line of welding materials, welding equipment and metal products sold under the trademark "Oliver". Cooperative partnerships with international producers of welding equipment allow us to adapt products to the needs of the domestic market.



Nowadays the line of welding equipment consists of the following engineering:


  • Industrial inverters for manual metal arc welding Oliver MMA 200 based on modern IGBT - technology with microprocessor control of the welding process;
  • Industrial semiautomatic inverters in gas-shielded metal arc welding Oliver PDU 350.1K MIG/MAG;
  • Industrial thyristorsin gas-shielded metal arc welding VA 350.1/500.2 MIG/MAG, VA 350.2/500.2 MIG/MAG;
  • Industrial thyristors for manual metal arc welding Oliver VD 350 and VD 500 Oliver;
  • Resistance spot welding machines with programmable welding controller Oliver MT-22, Oliver MT-40;
  • Plasma cutting machines Oliver VPR-70.

Every year we increase the range of produced welding materials. Monthly turnout is 1800 tons of welding wire and 250 tons of electrodes:


  • Polished and copper coated welding wire Sv-08G2S, Sv-08GS (EN 440) for arc welding in shielded gases (supplied on framed spools weighing 5, 15 and 18 kg, packed in vacuum film and carton), as well as wire for automatic submerged arc welding and gas welding - Sv-08A , Sv-08GA (EN 10016) (available diameters 2.0; 3.0 and 4.0 mm in coilsof 50.0 kg and in bars with a length of 1000mm, 5.0 kg.);
  • High-alloyed steel welding wire ER308L, ER308LSi, ER309LSi, ER316LSi, ER347L, ER347LSi, ER321, 1.4541 (on framed spools and in bars);
  • Rutile electrodes MR-3 Oliver (E 6013), ANO-4 Oliver (E 6013), ANO-21 Oliver (E 6013), OZS-12 Oliver (E 6013), ANO-36  (E 6013);
  • Basic coating electrodes UONI-13/45 Oliver (E 6015), UONI-13/45A Oliver (E 6015), UONI-13/55 Oliver (E 7015), LB-52 Oliver (E7015);
  • Electrodes for welding high-alloyed steels with special characteristics OZL-8 Oliver (E 308-15), OZL-6 Oliver (E 309-15), OZL-9A Oliver (E 310-15), CL-4 Oliver (E 316-15), CL-11 Oliver (E 347-15), NZH-13 Oliver (E 318-15), NII-48G Oliver (E 209-15), EA-400/10U (E 317-15), Oliver 29.9 (E312-16);
  • Electrodes for welding and surfacing cast iron CCH-4 Oliver, NCH-2 Oliver.


Postproduction quality control in our test laboratory ensures a stably quality of the products.

On the basis of Oliver Company there is a service center which providespre-sale preparation, repair and maintenance of welding equipment.


Currently Oliver welding equipment is successfully applied in engineering and bridge constructing, agriculture and energy, shipbuilding and aviation, chemical and mining industry throughout Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The quality of Oliver welding materials and equipment has been confirmed by tests, certifications, national contest diplomas and customers’ reviews.


Oliver Company has been producing metal products since 2009 and today is considered to be one of the leaders of steel products. We have permanently in stock more than 2000 tons of goods.


The range of our steel products:


  • Wire for general purpose;
  • Spring wire



We strive to be competent and to develop steadily, always improving and developing new production activities and making the business relationships with our partners stronger and more effective.


We will be glad to welcome you as our partner.


Please contact us:


29 Mashinostroitelej Str., 5th floor

Minsk, 220118

Republic of Belarus

+375 17 3870101



ООО «ОЛИВЕР» - это многопрофильная компания, работающая в сфере промышленности (производство и продажи сварочных материалов и оборудования) и строительства (вентиляция, кондиционирование, холодоснабжение).


Отдел продаж: +375 17 387-01-33

Управление сварки: +375 17 387-01-11

Магазин розничной торговли: shop-oliver.by

Отдел вентиляции, кондиционирования и холодоснабжения: +375 17 387-01-88

Склад Колядичи: +375 17 291-84-90

Склад Мачулищи: +375 17 510-26-86

Сервисный центр: +375 17 225-75-65


220118. г.Минск, ул. Машиностроителей, 29, 5 этаж